Day two of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games saw Great Britain’s ice hockey youngsters take to the ice once again.

Mirren Foy won both her games with Team Blue to remain unbeaten overall alongside Team Yellow.

Abby Rowbotham and Amy Robery faced off with Robery’s Team Black being victorious. Rowbotham’s Team Red still await their first win.

Jessie Taylor had a frustrating day with Team Green, losing twice by narrow margins.

In the men’s competition, Evan Nauth’s Team Brown sit in second after a win and a loss today, while Mack Stewart’s Team Red won their first game before losing a tight match this evening against Team Green.

It wasn’t to be for Carter Hamill whose Team Blue lost both their matches.

Ice Hockey – Women’s Mixed NOC 3-on-3:

  • Mirren Foy (blue) – won 7-4 versus (orange) and 8-4 versus (black)
  • Amy Robery (black) – won 5-4 versus (red) and lost 4-8 versus (blue)
  • Abby Rowbotham (red) – lost 4-5 versus (black) and 7-9 versus (green)
  • Jessie Taylor (green) – lost 4-6 versus (brown) and won 9-7 versus (red)

Ice Hockey – Men’s Mixed NOC 3-on-3:

  • Evan Nauth (brown) – lost 6-8 versus (green) and won 16-6 versus (grey)
  • Carter Hamill (blue) – lost 1-12 versus (orange) and lost 8-14 versus (black)
  • Mack Stewart (red) – won 12-9 versus (black) and lost 8-9 versus (green)