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    I agree to abide by the IIHF Statutes, By-laws and Regulations, including those related to players transferring from one country and/or national association to another country and/or association.

    I agree not to involve any third party whatsoever outside the IIHF in the resolution of any dispute arising from my request to transfer from one country to another and/or the Statutes, By-laws and Regulations and decision made by the IIHF relating thereto excepting where having exhausted the appeal procedures within the IIHF in which case I undertake to submit any such dispute to the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne. Switzerland for definitive and final resolution.

    I am aware that transferring to another country may affect my eligibility to play for the national team of my choice if applicable.

    I understand that once this application has been completed and signed by the parties specified and then by the IIHF, the procedure will be complete and the transfer legal and binding.

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    I would like to make payment for the following Male ITC £924.00Female ITC £78.00

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