Referee Section Website

This section of the website has information regarding the setup of referees across the UK. All officials from Level 1 through to Elite are registered as part of the IHUK Referee Section.

We have an Officiating Management Team in place who are responsible for managing the performance of officials with-in specific levels.

Please see our IHUK Referee Section Management Chart for more information.

We will look to update this page with more information shortly and a stand-alone website for the IHUK Referee Section is currently being created at www.ihukreferee.co.uk

In the meantime, if there is a question you are unsure of or would like further information that you cannot find in this section, please contact the relevant person below…

Referee Chief Joy Johnston joy.johnston@ihukreferee.co.uk
Deputy Referee Chief Michael Evans michael.evans@ihukreferee.co.uk
Officiating Manager – Level 1 Nathan Ormond nathan.ormond@ihukreferee.co.uk

If you are interested to become an official or take a Level 1 Course – please contact our Level 1 Officiating Manager.

Please contact the Referee Chief and Deputy Referee Chief for all other enquiries.