Bracknell and Dumfries were the venues for this year’s UK edition of the IIHF Global Girls’ Game.

From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas, this festival of girls’ hockey takes place all weekend across the world.

Each country organises events and separates into Team Blue and Team White, with results added up across the globe for a final worldwide scoreline.

In the UK, over 70 players had the opportunity to take part in games with two being held at the Ozone Ice Rink in Bracknell and one match taking place at the Dumfries Ice Bowl.

Ozone Ice Rink
Match One: Team Blue 19-14 Team White – result submitted to the IIHF for Global Girls’ Game total
Match Two: Team Blue 4-10 Team White

Dumfries Ice Bowl
Global Girls’ Game: Team Blue 4-14 Team White

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