Ice Hockey UK (IHUK) and the membership clubs of Scottish Ice Hockey have been working hard to drive the three-stage recovery plan after the departure at short notice of the previous directors of SIH (Ice Hockey) Ltd.

This created some challenges which are being addressed. The key focus has been the continuation of the sport in Scotland and Northern Ireland without disruption.

While it is early days, this objective has been met. Junior, senior and recreational games have been played over the past two weekends, while the schedule National Training Day was staged on Sunday 12th December without any problems.

During this period, the entire sport has also been engaged in a process to put in place a new SIH committee to manage the sport in the short term.

This process has been carried out democratically and effectively. As a result, we are delighted to share the fully populated committee structure (see graphic).

The committee will now work to ensure the sport is not interrupted over the coming weeks, while concluding any legal and administrative requirements and defining the processes for Stage 2 of the recovery plan.

Stage 2 includes the formation of an Interim Board of Directors (IBoD) whose focus will be to prepare the sport for separation from IHUK.

This process will include the creation of a new Scottish Governing Body (SGB) for ice hockey in Scotland which is recognised by sportscotland and IHUK.

Ice Hockey UK chairman, Clifton Wrottesley, said: “I’m really encouraged to see that after a period of significant disruption and uncertainty brought on by the global pandemic – and the upheaval caused by the previous attempt to form a new SGB in Scotland – the SIH membership have come together in a process that involved engagement and input from the vast majority of the members.

“I feel confident that the new committee will be able to effectively navigate the next steps in the process to form a new SGB – and then seek formal membership of IHUK and recognition from sportscotland.

“It goes without saying that all of the stakeholders need to be on-board – and the new committee and the process run to appoint them have fulfilled the objectives set. Sincere congratulations to everyone involved in getting this far.

“We at IHUK look forward to seeing the formation of a new SGB for the sport in Scotland – and the process being conducted with the same integrity and inclusion that has characterised events thus far.”

Newly-elected SIH committee chairman, Mike Stewart, added: “I must thank all the people who came forward to participate in the processes.

“The level of knowledge, experience and willingness in our sport was truly inspiring and I’m humbled to have been selected to lead in the first steps of the plan.

“This fresh start will need all stakeholders to work together for the greater good of our sport. The people elected this week are only the start of this change.

“We want all clubs, teams and officials to be involved moving forward. We want to ensure everyone has a voice and is respected.

“The structure of the committee sees each division with two representatives. These will work within a Joint Management Committee (JMC) model responsible for, and empowered to deal with, the day-to-day running of the sport.

“The committee members have been elected by their peers across the sport in Scotland and Northern Ireland and it is vital that we continue to be operate in an open, transparent and honest way.

“In conjunction with IHUK, a three-stage recovery plan is under way to ensure the short-term continuity of our sport leading to its long-term success.

“As chairman in the interim period, my commitments will be to ensure the continuity of our sport at all levels, including national development.

“We need to recover the assets of SIHA from SIH (Ice Hockey) Limited and work towards establishing the new SGB. A full member-based election will also be held to appoint the IBoD for Stage 2 of the recovery plan.

“Ultimately, the committee will maintain the process of building an organisation that is led by its members for its members.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the new committee over the coming weeks.”