SIH chairman David Hand reaffirms commitment to one new governing body and says that the current process is a final opportunity to put in place the right model for the sport

Scottish Ice Hockey chairman David Hand has confirmed that the SIH board and member clubs remain fully committed to the creation of one new governing body for the sport.

He said: “SIH have been committed to the unification process for eight years. The membership remain of the view that the benefits of one single body for the sport will allow for a co-ordinated and integrated approach and the opportunity to maximise opportunities such as external funding streams that are currently unavailable to us.

“The membership is, however, clear that if the vote to unify the sport is not approved then Scottish Hockey will re-establish as a separate association.

“The clubs in Scotland have been patient but our view is that the current model is just not sustainable.

“If the vote does not go through, we need clarity and confidence for the future – and we have Ice Hockey UK support to establish as a separate entity that will affiliate to IHUK as a separate association.

“If this happens then the opportunity to unify will be lost. I urge all EIHA clubs to get behind the proposal and to vote to unify.”