The IIHF has been working with ice hockey federations across the world about returning to play safely regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Ice Hockey UK has worked with the EIHA and SIH for guidelines for the UK on returning to play when it is safe to do so.

The IIHF said on their website: “The pandemic of the novel coronavirus has ended the season in most of the IIHF’s member countries, but hopefully sooner rather than later comes the time when teams can practise, play hockey and eventually have fans watch the players’ magic at the rink in a safe way.

“But that’s a future to be reached step by step and with discipline as the world battles against the spreading of the virus.

“While the pandemic has uniquely affected every country resulting in each country being at a different stage of the pandemic, and while every country is working with its government, health and sports ministries on the issue, the IIHF Medical Committee has in the last few weeks produced guidance with a general roadmap and tools to support its member national associations, while also sharing examples from countries to learn from each other.”

Read more on the IIHF website.