Ice Hockey UK chairman Richard Grieveson says the IHUK board’s desire for one governing body for the sport in the UK has received widespread support on his trip to Scotland.

The IHUK chief met with Scottish clubs at Murrayfield Ice Rink at the weekend and outlined the IHUK Board’s vision for the future.

The meeting came on the back of a very positive response at the EIHA AGM.

Grieveson took up his role back in February and has also been in contact with the Elite League and English Premier League, with proposals for change and development for the sport in the future.

“There was unanimous support for the one national governing body at the meeting in Scotland,” said Grieveson.

“The membership of our Scottish clubs reacted positively to proposals for change and improving the current arrangements through unification and becoming one UK-wide national governing body.

“I will now report back to the Ice Hockey UK board and develop a time-bound action plan to move this forward.

“This will take time but it is the only way for the sport to move forward.

“I am delighted that both the EIHA and SIH are supportive and keen to work with IHUK to now develop the detail.

“These are exciting times for our sport and if we all work together, it will benefit ice hockey in the UK in so many different ways.”