Great Britain Under-16s beat Mannheim 15-0 in Madrid in their first game since reforming.

The game was preparation for an international tournament where GB will come up against hosts Spain, as well as France, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

From the outset Great Britain were very efficient in their offensive play which gave little or no room for Mannheim in the defensive zone.

The game provided the coaches with a lot of of opportunities to use various line combinations and defensive parings.

Kieron Brown (Iowa Wild) and Jordan Buesa (Toronto Titans) scored hat-tricks, while Liam Redwood (Nottingham) and Aidan Strangway (Notre Dame) scored twice.

There was one each for Mason Biddulph (Chelmsford), Lewis English (Slough), Lewis Houston (Solway), Caly Roberston (Kirkcaldy) and Garry Simpson (Kirkcaldy).

Assistant coach, Scott Plews, said: “Last night’s game gave us a chance to try our lines out as it was the first time we have had everyone together due to having players abroad.

“Mannheim proved to be a less talented team than hoped but still played with a great attitude.

“Keeping the guys focused on their jobs, whilst trying certain positional plays was our main priority.

“The coaching staff all feel the guys played exceptionally well together.

We will only continue to get better each game too and we are really looking forward to the next game.”

Kieran Brown selected was selected as man of the match.