The joint-steering group met for the first time this week to discuss the next stages of the governance project to create a new unified UK organisation for ice hockey.

As previously reported, the members of the joint-steering group are Jonathan Hall (chair), Joy Johnston, Eric Morton, Andrew Miller, Richard Grieveson and David Hand.

At its first meeting the steering group agreed on the way forward for the proposed four working groups to help it with the next stages as follows…

“We felt that the steering group itself should act as the governance working group. We discussed and agreed on membership for both the sports administration and development working groups with Andrew Miller and Jonathan Hall leading the former and David Hand and Richard Grieveson leading the latter.

“Individuals will be contacted over the next week or so to join those groups and we will then publish the full membership of each of those groups. Richard Grieveson and Joy Johnston will lead on the partnerships work stream. They will liaise and consult with the bodies referred to under this work stream in the original report.

“We are keen to share our thinking with all those involved with the game and we will therefore publish updates on the various meetings and our emerging thoughts during this next period through to the end of December which is when we hope to have completed our work.  We will also be releasing details of how anyone involved with the game can get in touch with us on our work and our emerging thoughts during that period.

“As previously mentioned, the aim is for us (with the help of our working groups) to complete our work by the end of December in order that the plans can be shared with the game again during the first part of 2019, allowing further feedback and consultation during Q1 2019 before finalising the proposals by the end of April 2019 for presentation to and voting on by the members ahead of the 2019-20 season.

We will continue to issue further updates as regularly as we can and once our working groups start their further discussions.”