The following is a statement on behalf of Ice Rink Managers Association, Scottish Ice Rink Association, British Ice Skating, Ice Hockey UK, English Ice Hockey Association, Scottish Ice Hockey Association & Scottish Curling, on the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

First, and most importantly, to the front-line and essential workers who have gone above and beyond around the clock to keep the UK safe – a simple thank you is not nearly enough for what you have done over the last three months.

Second, to our Members, partners, associations, volunteers and fans across the UK, thank you for keeping the spirit of ice sports alive. Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented efforts at every level across the ice sports industry.

As our UK and devolved governments phase in a plan to reopen in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are questions about when ice sports will return, and how it will look when it does. We are diligently working on a multifaceted return-to-rinks plan for each sport that will happen when, and only when, governments and health authorities deem it safe to do so.

This plan includes everything from health and safety regulations to communications, structure, customer engagement, competitions and national teams.

Sport it going to look a lot different in the coming months and ice hockey will be no different. A return-to-rinks plan is being devised, but each rink will progress at different speeds – and information will be taken from health authorities and governments.

Ice hockey will return in the community that is for sure, but we ask everyone to be patient as we find the safest road back. Health and safety is the most important factor when considering when we will return to the ice rink.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to our industry, and we hope to see you around the rink as soon as possible.