Following the last update from the Steering Group in October 2018, there have been various meetings of not only the Steering Group itself but also the Development and Sports Administration Working Groups to consider further detail for the proposals to create a new UK wide ice hockey organisation as agreed by all stakeholders in the summer.

The Steering Group would like to thank all those involved in the working group meetings for their valuable input towards this important project as follows:

Development Working Group: David Hand, Richard Grieveson, Geoff Hemmerman, Richard Carpenter, Tony Wood, Richard Gray, Michael Evans and Tony Hand.

Sports Administration Working Group: Andrew Miller, Jim Taylor, Jon Patterson, Andy French, Paul Hayes, Charles Dacres, Gary Dent and Liz Moralee.

The Steering Group is finalising the proposals so that these can be shared with stakeholders in this first quarter of 2019 as planned.  It will present its work to the Boards of both IHUK and EIHA on 27 February and the following dates have therefore been arranged to present the proposals to stakeholders and members as part of the consultation:

Sunday 3 March 11am – 1pm – Ice Sheffield, Sheffield

Sunday 10 March 11am – 1pm – John Nike Leisure Centre, Bracknell

Sunday 24 March 10am – 12pm – Murrayfield Ice Rink, Edinburgh

All members and other stakeholders are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings.  We would encourage as many members as possible to attend so that they have the opportunity to hear about the proposals and ask questions ahead of any formal meetings to vote on the proposals in Q2 2019.

Please complete the following on-line booking form if you are intending to come to one or all of the meetings:

Note: it is not compulsory to complete the on-line booking form to attend, but it will help us with the smooth running of the meeting if you can.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the consultation meetings above.

Jonathan Hall

Joint Steering Group Chair

On behalf of the Steering Group (Joy Johnston, Richard Grieveson, Eric Morton, Andrew Miller and David Hand)