The IIHF has launched its Integrity Awareness Week today which aims to educate, inspire and engage audiences around integrity topics with the goal of changing ice hockey culture for the better.

A doping scandal wipes out a cycling champion’s record of triumphs. An elite baseball player is banned from his sport for betting on it. A bribery investigation forces top football officials to step down in disgrace. What do all these scenarios have in common? A breach of ethics.

Ice Hockey UK are joining forces with the IIHF to make people in ice hockey aware of their responsibilities, no matter what role they play on or off the ice, or what level they are involved in.

It’s essential to report it if you commit an ethical breach or become aware of others who have done so. Such breaches affect not only hockey’s image but also the fairness and cleanness of our sport.

The overall guiding principle is simple. The IIHF’s objective is to encourage ethical conduct in ice hockey by discouraging ethical misconduct. Ethics are directly tied to the other three IIHF Integrity Pillars: anti-doping, abuse and harassment, and competition manipulation.

Click here to read more and find out how to report any concerns via the IIHF website.