The UK icepad Ice Sheffield is the main venue for a new series that launches on Netflix next month.

Zero Chill is a British-Canadian teen sports drama that follows the fortunes of a young girl called Kayla.

Filming took place in March 2020, just before the UK went into lockdown.

Other venues across Sheffield were used for filming including Park Hill, Sheaf Valley Park and Norfolk Heritage Park.

The official detail for launch of the series said: “Kayla must find her place on the ice in the shadow of her superstar brother, Mac.

“For her, the rink is where she feels alive, where she can fly.

“For Mac, it’s a battlefield where he strives to prove himself against his opponents… and his team-mates.

“Kayla and Mac both make magic on the ice but their approaches are poles apart.”

The series launches on 15th March 2021. Watch the trailer below.