Ice Hockey UK chairman Richard Grieveson is to have a meeting with clubs in Scotland this weekend as he puts forward proposals for one governing body.

The meeting will take place at Murrayfield Ice Rink on Sunday 2nd October 2016 commencing at 10am.

Since starting in his role in February, Grieveson has been in consultation with SIHA in Scotland, the EIHA board and also directors of the Elite League and English Premier League.

Grieveson said: “The purpose is to engage with Scottish clubs in the same way I presented to the IHUK board and the EIHA membership nearly two weeks’ ago.

“There was a fantastic response to the proposals and we had massive support for moving forward with one governing body.

“I really do feel one governing body is getting closer and closer – and it is the only way we can move forward.

“At the meeting, I will be presenting IHUK’s vision for a unified national governing body.

“SIH chairman, David Hand, has been a great support and we’d like as many clubs to be in attendance as possible, so it would be great if clubs could come to the meeting.

“I have said this before but it is not about IHUK taking over, it is about us all working together with one vision to move the sport forward.

“David has also asked that I discuss proposals we are currently developing with the current English Premier League clubs for a new UK-wide league that would sit at the tier-two level, just beneath the Elite League.

“We hope this might be of significant interest to clubs North of the Border.”