Great Britain Under-18s have named 29 players to take part in a selection camp in December for next year’s World Championship.

GB travel to Belgrade, Serbia for the World Championship Division II Group A from 16th to 22nd April 2023.

The six-team group will be made up of GB, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia and Spain.

The coaching staff have already run their eye over 70 players during two-days camps in July and August.

December’s camp will take place over three days and the coaching staff and management team will be replicating a typical day at a World Championship.

Head Coach, Sean Easton, said: “With only a few players remaining in the squad from last year’s team, it’s once again a fresh start and new-look team.

“We are down to 25 skaters and four goalies which will be down to team after the three-day camp.

“We will be starting to implement our systems and that will give us a good understanding as a coaching group to be able to see what our final team will look like.

“It’s a big year for a lot of the players. It’s important they get to play senior hockey from now until the next camp to elevate their game to the next level.

“For those turning 16 – being able to play seniors – we always see a more mature player that has had the senior opportunity.”