There are some extra volunteer positions now available for the upcoming World Championship Division I Group A at the Motorpoint Arena.

The six-team tournament runs from 29th April until the 5th May involving Great Britain, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

Hotel Volunteers
You will be the point of contact for the teams, officials and dignitaries for information relating to the World Championship and the city of Nottingham.

Ice Scrapers
During each period there are three TV timeouts. The goal crease areas and in-front of the benches are scraped each time. Good skating ability is essential.

Pass Checkers 
The ice level for a World Championship is an extremely busy place with various people from the tournament moving around. For non-GB games there are some parts of the ice level that need pass-checkers.

Camera Platform Watcher
The tournament is being attended by the world’s media and there will be camera platforms in the centre blocks on either side of the rink. These will need to be watched to make sure there are no disruptions to the platform.

If you wish to volunteer, please send an email to stating which role you are interested in.