News from the EIHA

The EIHA have published a single-page guide to what activities are currently permitted in the Return to Play protocols, including a list of teams operating at each level of the guidance.

Since the most recent government restrictions came into force impacting indoor team sports, they have three distinct groups of teams with varying rules and regulations…

  • Under-18s who are not impacted at all and continue to follow the full Phase 3 guidance…up to 30 players on the ice with no restriction on player movement and no social distancing on the ice.
  • Seniors (18+) not in the elite criteria – the rule of six applies for groups on the ice. However, multiple groups of six players up to a total of 30 players can be on the ice but the different groups must not mix during the session. Additionally, competitive scrimmage/contact in the sessions can take place in the groups of six which must not change for the duration of the session.
  • Seniors (18+) in the elite criteria – rule of six does not apply, up to 30 players involved per full Phase 3 guidance. Clubs eligible for elite criteria must have submitted information required in DCMS guidelines and be authorised by the EIHA to operate under this level.

Click here to read more on the EIHA website.