On IHUK TV, in association with SMP Europe, we hear from Great Britain goalie coach Euan King and former GB forward David Clarke, who are combining to help the players of the future.

Both already run successful hockey schools but are now working together to help hockey players “take control of their development” and they’re also assisting players with programmes to undertake during lockdown.

Both Euan and David provide all students with personal tracking logbooks to assist with each individual needs.

King said: “A positive to come out of these times is we have been able to prove we can still provide high-quality content and coaching online that will help guide and mentor players in the present and going forward.

“David and I both felt that we needed to come up with a way of facilitating our athletes learning in a more efficient and revolutionary way and we strongly believe the academy does this.

“We are also going to be there for players through regular one-to-ones, as well as being available 24/7 through email, so they have a sounding board and direct line to advice if and when needed.”

Clarke said: “The aim the academy is to enable our students to ‘take control of their development’. Hockey is an ever-evolving sport and as a player, so should your understanding.

“As coaches, we needed to look at the most efficient ways to develop vital elements of today’s game and both Euan and I feel this is the best way to facilitate additional learning and accountability – by focusing on technical, tactical and individual skill understanding.”

To find out more visit the Clarke and Co Hockey website or email admin@clarkeandcohockey.co.uk – or visit the King’s Elite Goaltending website or email admin@kingselitegoaltending.com.