The IIHF High-Performance Camp is continuing at the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumaki and there are eight attendees at the event from the UK.

IIHF members from nations ranked in the top 28 of the women’s world ranking were invited to send some of their top U18 players, coaches and staff to the camp.

The attendees from the UK are Geoff Hemmerman (team leader), Cheryl Smith (coach), Nicci Wardell (coach), Louise Capps (manager) and Saffron Allen (sports therapist), along with players Emily Harris, Jessica Sprules and Ellie Wakeling.

Hemmerman said: “Tuesday saw the camp tempo raised from training and practise to also include the first games of the camp.

“This gave all players, coaches, trainers, video coaches, managers and game officials the chance to use the new skills they have being learning over the past two and half days.

“The first game days are both tense and exciting as players and coaching staff test each other on the ice.

“They are also are very long days and with the games being in the evening, this means coaches work late into the night reviewing video.”

GB Women’s head coach Cheryl Smith was working late into the night with her team staff and video coach.

Smith said: “I am loving every minute of the camp and its been great to focus purely on ice hockey, our players and the tasks we are given.”

Hemmerman added: “The GB players are the camp are so excited to be given this opportunity.”

The camp runs until 14th July.

Photo credit: Toni Saarinen.