It’s two years to the day from that unforgettable night in Budapest when Great Britain secured promotion to the top flight of World Championship ice hockey.

The scene was set – GB had won three of their four matches so far and needed a point to win the gold medal and promotion.

Going into the tournament’s final game – Hungary against Great Britain – four teams could still go up and they were GB, Hungary, Italy and Kazakhstan.

After Hungary led 2-0, Robert Dowd closed the gap with nine minutes to go and then in another crucial moment in the game, Ben Bowns saved a penalty shot with time ticking away.

Robert Farmer’s equalising and promotion-clinching goal with go down in history and it secured GB the point they needed to reach the top flight for the first time since 1994.

It a cruel twist, not only did Hungary miss out but Kazakhstan too who had looked set to be promoted.

Italy, who were watching at the rink, celebrated as Farmer’s goal meant they were going up as well.

Overtime and penalties were just an exhibition and for the record, GB went on to win the penalty shootout.

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“I cannot put into words what I am feeling right now. It is so hard to sum it up.”
The thoughts of Robert Farmer.

“It is the best moment in my career and I am never going to forget this.”
The view of captain Jonathan Phillips.

“Last year’s gold medal in Belfast to get GB to this level was special, but to do this is just something I can’t describe.”
Matthew Myers said it was the best moment of his career.

“We are all great friends on and off the ice – and I think that shows with how well we have done this week.”
Brendan Brooks explains what promotion meant to him.

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