Three UK medical staff, who are representing Ice Hockey UK, the GB medical team and the EIHA Education Programme, are currently in Slovakia attending the third International Sport Medicine Congress.

Saffron Allen, Robyn Crebbin and Charley Keen are in Senec for the three-day workshop.

The workshop is packed with current issues in sport medicine, including concussion in sport, anti-doping legislation in global sports, current injury treatment for specific ice hockey injuries and much more.

This year, the congress has been opened to not just the sport of ice hockey but it has also allowed dignitaries from all international sports, so there is increased exposure for the three staff members.

Saffron Allen said: “We are truly grateful to be sent us on this invaluable learning trip. I know all three of us will take so much from it.”

Robyn Crebbin said: “The experience gained will be shared with our colleagues and athletes in the upcoming season and we are looking forward to implement much of what we have learnt.”

Charley Keen said: “It is a fantastic networking opportunity and it has opened our eyes as to how the rest of the ice hockey world and other sports work in sport medicine.”