As chairman of the EIHA for more than 35 years, Ken Taggart says this weekend’s AGM is the best chance for the sport to make the next move in its growth and wants members to back the proposal to establish a new single governing body for the UK as a whole.

Taggart, 74, has been in post since 1983 but his time in the country dates back to the end of his US Air Force career in the mid-1970s as a player, moving to being a coach, team owner and referee.

His love for the sport and his belief in the potential for ice hockey in the UK has never wavered. His exploits as a senior referee at numerous Wembley finals weekends and as an IIHF official have remained legendary. His work as chairman has been relentless.

“I have loved doing it, it has been an honour to be chairman and I have enjoyed it,” said Taggart.

“But we do need to make the next move and this proposal will move us forward. We have been on this governance journey for the last few years and have been guided by the members in what they wanted us as a board to do.

“A new single governing body will be a huge step forward for our sport and will help us grow and develop.”

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