‘Soul on Ice, Past, Present and Future’, the award-winning black hockey history documentary, was aired in London last weekend as part of the United Kingdom’s Black History Month celebration.

Ice hockey officials and players were joined by the Deputy Lord Mayor of London Matthew Ryder as the documentary was shown at London’s Picturehouse Central.

The documentary was produced by Canadian filmmaker Damon Kwame Mason.

The film generated a question and answer session, which was facilitated by the Deputy Mayor.

Charles Dacres said: “It was a fantastic event and everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves.

“It was also important to recognize that not only did this film raise awareness of black players in the NHL, it raised awareness of ice hockey in the UK and the impact that minorities face in trying to access a sport where the playing numbers of ethnic minorities is significantly less than 1%.

“Thanks must go to William Douglas for this efforts in bringing the film to the UK.

“The BBC’s Seth Bennett also put together a feature, which was great to see.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for ice hockey to recognise and mark Black History Month.”