SIH-UK would like to confirm they will continue with their existing playing rules for the 2017-18 season.

During the summer, SIH-UK chairman David Hand and Paul Hayes from the EIHA had a discussion about amalgamating Scotland and England under the EIHA rules of competition.

Subsequently, David Hand chaired an SNL meeting and the clubs decided it was too close to the start of the season to adopt the new rules.

David Hand, chairman of SIH-UK, said: “We remain committed to unification and that is the plan down the line.

“The clubs felt that it would make more sense for Scottish ice hockey to keep the same rules for the upcoming season.

“However, we will discuss this at length during the season and it will be on the SNL agenda for further discussion to come in line with the EIHA rules of competition.

“It will certainly be looked at going forward as we look to unification from all governing bodies in the UK.

“I would like to thank Paul from the EIHA for the discussions and these will continue in the coming months.”