Significant progress made by IHUK board on future of the sport in the UK

Ice Hockey UK has made a significant step forward over the last few months when, under the leadership of independent chair Richard Grieveson, it took the bold decision to appoint new board members onto a transition board.

The new board is tasked with driving through the unification of the sport. The new IHUK board includes key decision-makers from across the sport, which will enable effective and informed decisions to be taken on how the sport unifies for the benefit of all.

The individuals on the newly-unified board are listed below…

Richard Grieveson (Chair)
Gary Brine
Alex Cram
Charles Dacres
David Hand
Paul Hayes
Geoff Hemmerman
Joy Johnston
Tony Smith
Ken Taggart

The new unified IHUK board of directors held its first meeting in Newcastle on Tuesday (14th March 2017).

Grieveson described the meeting as “a very positive step in the right direction for the sport”.

“Having an extended board, which includes all of the key decision-makers in our member associations at the table, results in robust, challenging debate and, importantly, a governance structure that allows decision to be taken in order to drive the developments that are so needed,” he said.

“In examining the governance structure of the sport, the board agreed to move forward with the home nation national governing bodies – EIHA and SIH – as full voting members of IHUK, and with the Elite League and any other interested commercial partners as associate members.

“This protects the interests of the sport and ensures voting rights are reserved for the delivery organisations in the home nations.

“The EIHA and SIH have agreed their respective federal agreements in line with the commitment to work towards one unified national governing body.

“Work has started on producing consistent UK-wide policies and procedures that underpin how we work.

“The board also received a presentation on how a unified approach to the management and development of officials could work and be implemented for the 2017-18 season.

“This would see a unified pathway for officials from grass-roots to the Elite League and centralised management, training and development of officials across all leagues in the UK.

“It is hoped that following the presentation, this will be implemented over the summer and ready for next season.

“Furthermore, sub groups involving UK-wide key stakeholders will now be established to drive forward unified programmes in junior development, coach education, coaching development and club development.”