Great Britain Women’s Beth Scoon says fitness is vital as the squad continues to prepare for April’s World Championship at the Dumfries Ice Bowl.

GB played their latest game in the EIHA Under-20s Cup this afternoon as they faced Sutton Sting in Ice Sheffield.

Scoon said: “It was a good game. We worked hard and we skated with them and that was great to see.

“This has been a great help for us with our fitness. You can tell our fitness is getting better and better.

“We played the body well and if we play at the speed we are now, we will be flying past teams in Dumfries.”

GB Women will play host to Australia, DPR Korea, Mexico, Slovenia and Spain from 2nd to 8th April 2019 at Dumfries Ice Bowl in the IIHF World Championship Division II Group A.