In response to recent media coverage regarding proposed changes to the tier-two level of British ice hockey, IHUK chairman, Richard Grieveson, commented as follows…

“I remain very optimistic and positive about the future. The new, extended IHUK board, which now includes all EIHA directors, meet next week.

“We have a very busy agenda that includes further discussion regarding the structure of the sport in advance of a meeting with all current EPL, ENL and SNL teams later this month.

“The most recent statement and proposals made by the current EPL owners very much align with the discussions involving all teams who attended the meeting in Manchester, and have my support.

“What became clear at the previous club meeting is that we should take this opportunity to look at the overarching league structure throughout the UK to ensure it is sustainable and fit for purpose.

“I believe strongly that this is the right approach. Change must be developed involving those involved and introduced in a progressive way so as to mitigate risks and to provide assistance and support to clubs.

“David Hand and Ken Taggart are very supportive of this approach. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks and am very hopeful that we will start to see some exciting developments.”