The 2018 IIHF Women’s High-Performance Camp is well under way at the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumaki.

The Women’s Hockey Leadership Development Program sees mentors – from countries with top female hockey programs – educate the attendees on a variety of subjects.

The IIHF members from nations ranked in the top 28 of the IIHF women’s world ranking were invited to send some of their top U18 players, coaches and staff to the camp.

There are eight attendees from the UK and this is their reaction to how things have gone so far…

Geoff Hemmerman (team leader): “The leadership programme yesterday carried on from Sunday’s theme, with all attendees giving a presentation on women’s hockey in their country, their responsibilities in women’s hockey and finally what they would like to gain from this leadership programme. Some 21 countries were represented such as Macedonia and Kuwait to Germany. There was a huge difference in programmes highlighted as I am sure you would expect. We have also started on a marketing project.”

Saffron Allen (sports therapist): “The first two days have been great. Meeting and getting to know both players and staff from other nations has been exciting, along with assessing and testing players that do not speak English. Now the settling-in has been done, its good to get into the sessions and see what each team can do #GoGreen – and of course England on Wednesday!”

Louise Capps (team manager): “I have had a great couple of days getting to know all the players and team staff. Everyone has settled in well and are starting to gel within their teams. Its been great chatting and sharing ideas with the other managers.”

Cheryl Smith (coach): “The first two days have been a great experience and sharing knowledge with other coaches is great. The mentor coaches are sharing so much information its unbelievable. Getting to know all the players from different countries is great and I have been very impressed with what I have seen. Every session we have there is something new to learn or discover.”

Nicci Wardell (coach): “I have had amazing first couple of days, talking to coaches about our different programmes, coaching philosophies and styles. All the girls are very talented and it’s a pleasure working with them and learning so much from the other team staff.”

Emily Harris (player): “It’s good fun and I am learning a lot. I think I am improving and gaining confidence as every session goes by.”

Jess Sprules (player): “I was very nervous at the beginning but I’m starting to settle in now. So far its been challenging and I am looking forward for what the rest of the week brings.”

Ellie Wakeling (player): “Each day the experience is getting better and more enjoyable as I make new friends and the activities are increasing. The coaching on and off ice has been so good.”