Ice Hockey UK’s IIHF supervisors travelled to a seminar – organised by the sport’s governing body – in Frankfurt, Germany last weekend.

Simon Kirkham and Joy Johnston were two of 49 delegates from 42 countries to attend the summit.

It was operated by the IIHF Office and the IIHF Officiating Committee and the summit was part of a strategic plan – called the IIHF Officiating Tree of Success – which was set up in February 2013.

Kirkham said: “It was a well attended meeting and really useful for everyone.

“It was a chance to get together and discuss major issues, such as attracting new officials into the sport and how to keep them engaged with a clear career path, both nationally and internationally.

“We discussed new ideas on teaching methods and techniques with the USA, Canada and other top nations.

“It was good to catch up with the rest of the world hockey family.”

IIHF officiating manager, Konstantin Komissarov, said: “The participants exchanged their opinions regarding a modern vision of officiating development at different levels.

“This included member national associations, who are in the process of building or modernising their officiating programs, to pro leagues, including their relations and co-operation with the national associations’ offices regarding the developing of top on-ice officials.”

The summit was operated under the slogan ‘Together For Future’.

It is created as a platform for the national associations’ referee-in-chiefs and officiating directors, where they can share and discuss issues concerning officiating and is scheduled to be operated every two years.

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