Both the EIHA and IHUK – including Scottish ice hockey – are pleased to confirm that they have agreed to move forward with a joint-project to create a new unified UK organisation for ice hockey.

This follows agreement by EIHA members to the recommendations in a governance report presented to them at an EGM on 1st July and the agreement of IHUK, together with Scottish ice hockey, to move forward in line with the same recommendations at its board meeting on 25th July.

A joint-steering group has been agreed to oversee, direct and monitor the next stage of the move to a new UK organisation.

The joint-steering group comprises Jonathan Hall (independent chair), Joy Johnston, Andrew Miller, Eric Morton, Richard Grieveson and David Hand. The steering group will look to meet as soon as possible.

One of its first tasks will be to establish the four working groups envisaged in the governance report, which will produce more detail on the new UK organisation and how the sport will transition from where it is now to the new body.

The joint-steering group will also create a timeline for the work with a view to the working groups completing their work by the end of December 2018.

As recommended in the governance report, the joint-steering group will then present the final detailed proposal to the members of both the EIHA and IHUK for consideration to enable them to vote on it and, if agreed, start the process of moving from the current structure to a new UK organisation.

In order to maintain momentum, the aim is to have the final detailed proposal presented to and voted on by the members by no later than the end of April 2019 in order that the move to the new UK organisation can be completed ahead of the start of the 2019-20 season.

The joint-steering group will also look to keep the sport updated and informed on the progress it and the working groups are making over the course of the next phase of this important project.