Following full details this afternoon of the Government Winter Survival package for the English Elite League teams, the clubs have now confirmed that there will be no 2020-21 season as it would not allow the league to operate sustainably moving forwards.

The sport owes its gratitude to the EIHL for trying to support our sport at this critical time and had geared their support towards preparing our athletes ahead of the World Championship later this year.

Whilst this is not the ideal position for these athletes, we are reassured by continuing dialogue between the EIHL and Sport England around supporting our teams’ financial viability and to ensure a successful launch of the 2021-22 season.

Ice Hockey UK would like to thank the EIHL for their support to the Great Britain programme by attempting to operate a league which would have allowed GB players to access invaluable ice time in advance of the forthcoming World Championship.

The EIHA continues discussions around the sport’s other elite programmes and what support may be possible for them in the coming months.