The Joint Steering Group from both IHUK and the EIHA has finalised its Report on the governance of ice hockey in the UK and a copy of the Report is available to download.

The Steering Group met members of the EIHA and IHUK Boards yesterday to discuss the Report and is pleased to confirm the endorsement of the Report by the Board members.

The Steering Group will now consult with members and stakeholders at the forthcoming meetings: Sunday 3 March (Sheffield), Sunday 10 March (Bracknell) and Sunday 24 March (Murrayfield). Members and stakeholders are welcome at any of the meetings where there will be a short presentation by the Steering Group of the Report’s key points followed by an open floor session to allow questions and comments from those attending.

The Steering Group recommends the contents of its Report as an important step forward for the whole of ice hockey in the UK and believes it will significantly improve the governance of the sport in the future for the benefit of all those involved.

The Group wish to thank all the following members of the Working Groups for their valuable consideration and input on the transition to a new organisation in the areas of Development and Sports Administration:

Development Working Group: David Hand, Richard Grieveson, Geoff Hemmerman, Richard Carpenter, Tony Wood, Richard Gray, Michael Evans and Tony Hand.

Sports Administration Working Group: Andrew Miller, Jim Taylor, Jon Patterson, Andy French, Paul Hayes, Charles Dacres, Gary Dent and Liz Moralee.

Following feedback for the forthcoming meetings, the aim is to then get final approval of the proposals by the Boards of both EIHA and IHUK and then to call the necessary EGMs to enable members to agree to the move to the new UK organisation ahead of the 2019/20 season.

DOWNLOAD: the full report here.