Young Great Britain Women players are taking part in the exciting Global Girls’ Game this afternoon.

Some of the brightest young prospects from the GB Women’s programme will divide into two teams for the game at Ice Sheffield between 4pm and 5pm.

Entry to today’s game in Ice Sheffield is free.

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The Global Girls’ Game is a worldwide IIHF ice hockey event with games take place across the world all weekend.

This year’s event is the biggest in history with 40 countries taking part. With the various time zones across the world, it means a game is taking place nearly every hour.

Each game sees two teams go head to head, named Team Blue and Team White, and a tally is kept across the world to give a running scoreline.

Last year’s event started in New Zealand and ended in Canada, with Team Blue beating Team White 134-129 across all the games played in 37 different countries.