The UK Elite League have confirmed there will be no 2020-21 season.

A statement on the EIHL website said: “Yesterday, we heard the full details of the government’s Winter Survival package for the English Elite League teams. It was to begin season 2020-21 with no fans and government support only in the form of loans. To start on that basis would threaten the very future of professional ice hockey in the United Kingdom.

“We are delighted with the support that has been afforded to Belfast, Cardiff, Dundee, Fife and Glasgow by Sport Northern Ireland, Sport Wales and Sport Scotland respectively, which is focused on helping them survive this very difficult period, during which no Elite League games have been played since March 2020. The five English Elite League teams look forward to continuing their dialogue with Sport England to deliver a similarly positive outcome.

“The Elite League’s focus is to ensure the successful launch of season 2021-22, currently scheduled to begin in September, building on the record attendances of season 2019-20 and cementing our position as the #1 attended indoor team sport in the United Kingdom.”

Read the full story on the EIHL website.