IHUK Policy Statement
Fundamental to sport being enjoyed by all is sporting conduct; the way sport is played. Across all sports there must be a commitment to ensuring standards are set for fair play and then enforced. Doping in sport is cheating. It is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and is detrimental to the positive impact of sport in society. The elimination of doping in sport requires a commitment by all, to ethical practice and upholding standards of fair play. It requires consistent and accountable decision-making and sanctioning of participants who are found guilty of a doping violation.

It is every athlete’s personal responsibility:
– To acquaint him/herself and to ensure that each person from whom he/she takes advice (including medical personnel) is acquainted with all of the provisions of these rules.
– To take responsibility for what he/she ingests and uses.
– To ensure that any medical treatment he/she receives does not infringe these rules.

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The World Anti-Doping Code: Prohibited List

Prohibited List 2018: Summary of modifications