Great Britain Women head coach Mike Clancy watched his side win four from four in Jaca to claim a gold medal and promotion before saying “I couldn’t be prouder of this squad.

“They’ve played that way all week, have bought into our plans and systems and now have their just rewards.

“The thought of failing never came across the players at any point.  They didn’t panic when we were under pressure, they kept to the plans and the goals came in the end.

“Four games and four wins, you can’t ask for any more.  In tournaments like this you can’t rely on other teams, you take it into your own ands and deliver the goods and they’ve done that.”

Promotion means playing the likes of Korea and Slovenia who GB faced – and more than matched – in the Olympic Qualifiers last autumn. When does Clancy start looking towards next season?

“Planning for Division 1 starts tomorrow – we have the belief, we know we can compete at the next level. It is a great opportunity for us and we will work hard to make it happen.”

For tonight, staff and players enjoy their celebrations before returning to the UK on Saturday looking ahead to a new challenge in 2023.