UK officials Lorna Beresford and Amy Campbell have been reflecting on last month’s Women’s World Championship in Dumfries.

The Ice Hockey UK officials were GB representatives at the six-team IIHF Division II Group A tournament.

The tournament, which was held at the Dumfries Ice Bowl, saw Slovenia Women win gold and promotion, GB Women claimed silver and Spain Women took home the bronze.

Mexico Women finished fourth, DPR Korea were fifth and Australia Women were relegated to Division II Group B.

Beresford said: “As always, it was an absolute honor to put on the IIHF patch and represent both IHUK and the IIHF at an international tournament.

“The games were good and competitive, keeping the tournament close going into the last day to compete for medals.

“I am extremely grateful for all the support that the IHUK Referee Section have provided me with over the past two years to get me back on the ice and to give me the confidence to carry on persuing in the career I love.

“Without the support from Joy (Johnston) and everyone at home, I’d have been nowhere near ready enough for this tournament.

“Meeting girls from 10 different countries and being able to skate games with them was an experience that many people wouldn’t get to do in their regular season. This is an amazing part of attending IIHF tournaments, creating friendships all over the world.”

Campbell said: “The tournament was great and it was nice to break into the international scene on home ice.

“It was a fantastic group to work with with lots of different nationalities. We spent a lot of time exchanging stories, laughing with each other, and seeing how other girls have got to were they were today.

“I was a bit apprehensive at first because on my trip to Sweden the month before, my grandad passed away whilst I was there so, for me, it was something that I promised him I would do.

“It just made the tournament that bit more special knowing that he was watching over me, how proud he would be and that I could have my family there to support me which meant the world to us.”

IHUK referee-in-chief, Joy Johnston, said: “It was fantastic to have two UK representatives in Dumfries.

“My congratulations to Lorna and Amy for a great tournament and I know they were very proud to represent the UK.”

Photo credit: Karl Denham.