Ice Hockey UK’s National Talent Identification Officer Mark Beggs was a speaker at the recent Sports Performance Data and Fan Engagement Summit.

With over 800 attendees over two days, it has fast become the leading event for the top decision-makers in elite performance and the sports tech industry.

The summit brings together the world leaders across sport, business and technology to understand how to apply data analytical solutions and tech innovation to improve performance, drive better fan engagement, digital transformation and commercial strategy.

The unique event provided the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in data analytics, digital content, machine learning and virtual reality, which are creating the next generation of sports insight and fan experiences. The event is the forefront of research and discussion in transforming the way people, play, coach and watch sports.

Beggs said: “This provided GB ice hockey with the opportunity to discuss performance and how data can support decision-making.

“It’s an area that continues to evolve with new data platforms being introduced on a regular basis. This was a great opportunity to network and gain contacts for the coaches and players.

“This was highlighted with the varying degrees of usage from F1 drivers 100% consumed by the usage of data and coaches and others see it with less importance but still a requirement.

“Having discussions with other sports such as GB Swimming , RFU, Rugby League, F1 and being part of the Talent Identification panel, some of the key discussions points were the increasing role players want to see how they match up against there competitors in performance data.

“It was a great event with a lot of takeaways for the the GB Men and Women’s programme.”