SIH-UK are pleased to announce the new format for the SNL for the 2017-18 season.

The league will replicate the rules and regulations of the NIHL North and South in order to align what has effectively become the new tier two of British hockey.

The most notable change will be the introduction of up to two non-British trained players.

The SNL clubs have voted to phase this in by introducing one non-British trained player in year one (season 17/18).

SIH-UK chairman, David Hand, said: “ I am delighted that the changes have been introduced which will allow Scottish hockey to improve and develop and provide the same level of opportunity as exists south of the border.

“At its next meeting, the IHUK board will now discuss how we maximise the opportunity to rebrand and relaunch the leagues following agreement by all to replicate playing rules and regulations.

“This is the right thing for British hockey and a positive statement from all in terms of unification.”