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IIHF press release 

Europe’s main ice hockey clubs, their leagues and the IIHF have initiated a joint venture with the objective of launching a premium European club competition starting in the 2014-2015 season. The joint steering group has issued an Invitation-To-Tender (ITT) for the commercial rights to the competition.

One year ago, all stakeholders in European ice hockey gathered in Barcelona, Spain for the Hockey Forum with the prime objective to “find a common plan which shall lay the foundation for a competitively and commercially viable top European club competition starting 2014-2015.”

Coming out of the Forum the relevant stakeholders formed working groups with the mandate to create a proposal for an annual tournament which assumed the working name “European Club Competition” or ECC, while coordinating this into an international calendar that accommodates both national team programs and the club competition.

The three main stakeholders – Europe’s top professional clubs, their leagues and the IIHF (including its member national associations) – devoted a year to finalizing the proposals, while keeping in focus the planned launch in autumn 2014.

The stakeholders are now in the process of forming a shareholder company, where the clubs will be the majority shareholders.

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